*Our wine and beer selections are constantly changing, please stop in to peruse our latest lists


C  H A  R C U  T E R I  E & M O  R E


Grand Cru - 16

A collection of the best!  Three charcuterie, two cheeses served with local honey, jam and baguette

(feel free to add friends for just $10 each)

Mixed Cheese - 16

House selection of five artisanal cheeses served with local honey, jam and baguette

Charcuterie - 14

House selection of three charcuterie served with balsamic glaze and baguette

Soft Cheese - 10

A selection of our carefully curated artisanal soft cheeses  served with local honey, jam and baguette

Foie Gras Torchon - 14

Rich Hudson Valley foie gras torchon served with onion jam, mustard, cornichons, balsamic glaze and baguette

Grilled Sandwich of the Day - 12

Ask your server to describe the delicious grilled sandwich we are making today

Cerignola Olives - 5

Bright green, large and mild in flavor

Baguette - 4.5

From Newburgh Flour Co. with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Dolci Bella Cruffles - 5

House selection of three fabulous chocolate covered cake truffles